Our stories

Stories of bereavement and from those we have helped

Kirsty Holmes
Tarek Hussein
Sara Sheard
Courtney Burch
Sonya McKnight
Barbara Want
Andrew Gitsham
Sarah Perkins
Jane - supporting a friend

Reading about others' experiences of grief can be helpful for those experiencing a bereavement. If you have a story or experience you would like to share we would love to hear from you. Please contact kate.mitchell@cruse.org.uk

Volunteer stories

Pamela - Bereavement Volunteer
Glenys - Supporting Children and Young People
Tania - Area Treasurer
Stephen - National Helpline
Chris - National Helpline
Val and Pauline - Group Support
Judy - Fundraising
Ruth - Supporting Children and Young People
Malcom - Committee Chair
Angela - Publicity

Dying Matters Week 2014 blogs

As part of Dying Matters week, Cruse asked you to share your thoughts on ‘You only die once’. We got some really interesting submissions, and you can read our two guest blogs here.