Loss and Bereavement Awareness

In any business environment, even staff who are confident and competent can find themselves worrying when they have to talk to a bereaved client or colleague. For some companies this happens as a routine part of work, and in every workplace staff will be affected by bereavement.

We can help

Our one-day loss and bereavement workshops will help staff and managers to make a caring and professional response, which can make a real difference to the service and support you give to clients and staff.

  • Learn how to support bereaved clients and colleagues.
  • Gain a strong understanding of bereavement issues and the factors affecting the grieving process.
  • Learn about how different cultures view grief.
  • Improve your communication and inter-personal skills.
  • Ask questions and share your experience.

"The day was exactly what we were after interms of education, insight and confidence - we all drove away impressed with how you delivered the content and making the connections about how we can apply this."

To get in touch call 0208 939 9542 or email training@cruse.org.uk

Our courses are recognised by the National Counselling Society.



Bereaved at work

We can help you develop a bereavement policy, train managers and HR staff, and ensure that your organisation can offer an appropriate and timely response to bereaved employees.


Our new Cruse Masterclass selection will be delivered by eminent bereavement specialists, supported by Cruse Bereavement Care and hosted by Dr Colin Murray Parkes.


We offer a range of bereavement awareness training at venues across the UK, and can provide tailored in-house training to meet your organisation's needs.