One day Loss and Bereavement Training

Our Loss and Bereavement Awareness workshop is designed for anyone encountering bereaved people in their professional lives. These are helpful for anyone who wants to understand the issues surrounding bereavement and how to communicate with clients and customers after someone close to them has died.

These training days are interactive and informative and provide an opportunity to have your questions about this taboo subject answered.

  • Learn how to communicate effectively and compassionately with bereaved people
  • Develop your confidence talking about difficult and sensitive topics
  • Understand bereavement and the factors affecting the grieving process
  • Learn about how different cultures view grief
  • Improve your communication and inter-personal skills
  • Ask questions and share your experiences

Cost: £140 for charities, £155 for public sector, and £170 for private sector, all plus VAT

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For further information please email or call 0208 939 9542.

Included in the price: light refreshments, certification (can contribute to continuing professional development) full electronic notes and workbook.  


"The bereavement awareness day is an excellent introduction and experience to further inform your practice and keep up to date with current thinking on what most helps individuals going through loss and bereavement. It was also enjoyable and delivered in a professional, yet sensitive style. One of the best continuing professional development training days I have attended in along time". Lindsay Rodgers, Wellness Counselling 


"I'm so glad I enrolled on the bereavement awareness course. It has opened my eyes to a lot of things I wasn't aware of and helped me to understand further the range of ways people cope with grief and how to be there for them and support them. I've already recommended the course to two of the directors I work with as I found it helpful, interesting and informative and in the line of volunteer work we provide I found it an essential course for anyone supporting or working with bereaved families."


Bereaved at work

We can help you develop a bereavement policy, train managers and HR staff, and ensure that your organisation can offer an appropriate and timely response to bereaved employees.


Our new Cruse Masterclass selection will be delivered by eminent bereavement specialists, supported by Cruse Bereavement Care and hosted by Dr Colin Murray Parkes.


We offer a range of bereavement awareness training at venues across the UK, and can provide tailored in-house training to meet your organisation's needs.