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We have thousands of volunteers - and we always need more!

To find out more about volunteering for Cruse choose from the menu on the left.

Cruse is the UK’s largest bereavement charity and in 2013-14 we:

  • Gave 29,803 bereaved people one-to-one support
  • Supported 4,948 children and young people
  • Helped 5,483 people in groups
  • Responded to 11,447 people by phone via our helpline and local services
  • Gave email support to 4,630 people through our National Helpline and Area Network.

 We achieve all this through the dedication of a small core staff and nearly 6,000 volunteers. And yet we need still more volunteers to meet the constant demand for our services.

Cruse’s services are delivered throughout a network of over 6,000 volunteers covering England, Wales and Northern Ireland. None of what Cruse achieves would be possible without the passion, dedication and skills of our volunteers.

If you are an existing volunteer you can log in to our volunteer intranet here.

Specific vacancies are listed on our volunteer vacancies page.

You can read some profiles of volunteers in Our stories.