Norwich Cruse: Things to read

Things to read that may be helpful

You may not feel like reading at the moment - or that may be just what you do want to do.   If so, see how other people have felt who might have been in a similar situation to yourself.   Written insights and experiences have been found to be valuable to many bereaved people.   These leaflets and books may help to explain some of the feelings or confusions that you are dealing with.    It may be worth having something by your side just to dip in and out of when you do feel like it.

See the publications section of the National website for more information.


Local Services

Colney Woodland Burials are introducing regular Remembrance Services open to all whether somebody is buried at the park or not and are free of charge to attend.

The Remembrance Services will be led by an independent celebrant to ensure that no-one feels left out based on their religious beliefs or those who don’t have any. They will provide all present with the opportunity to hear readings, listen to music and remember the person who has died. The Remembrance Services will also be important for those who perhaps feel that they never had the chance to say goodbye properly. You don’t need to book for the Remembrance Services. Please check their website for details.