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Reading about others' experiences of grief can be helpful for those experiencing a bereavement. If you have a story or experience you would like to share we would love to hear from you. Please contact



I lost my Dad in April 2010. He had gone into hospital to have an operation which was supposed to make him better and he never came home. I didn’t get in touch with Cruse until several months after he had died, insisting to everyone I was “fine”, although I clearly wasn’t...


I lost the best part of my life back in February 2013, when my best friend and Girlfriend, Rachel Lucy Maddox, was tragically taken from me in a car accident on her way to my house one Saturday morning...


After the death of her mum, Gemma contacted her local Cruse service and was supported by a Cruse volunteer until she decided she was able to live a life without her mum ...


Stella contacted Cruse Bereavement Care after her daughter, Laura died from substance misuse a couple of years ago. Stella is bring up her daughter's son, Blake who is three years-old.


Sarah was 19 when her mother died by suicide. She decided to get support from Cruse Bereavement Care as she was really struggling to move forward with her grief.


Becca from the Isle of Man was supported by Cruse Bereavement Care after her father died when she was six years-old. She says Cruse provides invaluable support.