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Adam, 38 from Northampton is a bereavement volunteer at his local Cruse service. Adam came to Cruse Bereavement Care in 2016 after his very close friend took his own life. The support he received had such an impact on him that a year later Adam trained to become a bereavement volunteer to help others through their own bereavement.

“I came to Cruse Bereavement Care in 2016 for my own bereavement support after a very close friend took his own life.

“After months of feeling empty and lost I went to Cruse where I was provided with a safe space and supported by a volunteer to work through my loss, say good-bye, finish un-finished business and work through my bereavement. It was invaluable in helping me to move forward and helped me to start living again. It had such an impact that a year later I completed the in-house bereavement support foundation training and began supporting people through their own bereavement.

“When my friend took his own life, it was completely unexpected and he’d been messaging me on the afternoon of his death reminiscing about when we had first met. I experienced something which felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. I can only describe it as a very painful, really twisted depression. I now know this to be grief. I was lost and my life came to a standstill. I didn’t know what to do and the only thing I could do for 6 months was to run every day until I threw up.

“Experiencing and getting through this with the support of a Cruse bereavement volunteer made me want to make a positive difference in supporting others going through their own grief journey.

“I enjoy meeting and supporting all different kinds of people and seeing the positive changes that take place as a result of the work we do together. I also enjoy being a part of Cruse Northamptonshire and how everyone is there to help, encourage and support each other.

“I have encountered clients with incredibly touching and deeply moving ‘stories’ which are always challenging to hear but I am always very honoured when a client is able to trust me enough to share with me, the difficult experiences they have endured. Some client’s stories and transformations will always stick in my mind.

“I work as a one-to-one, face to face bereavement volunteer and support people for an average of six weeks in a person-centred way. I accompany them through their grief whilst they process their feelings and make sense of their thoughts. I walk alongside them on this path for a short time whilst they find a way to carry on and start living their lives again - In this respect; I believe that Cruse saves lives. It really is a special area to work in and the changes that I’ve seen take place for those that Cruse supports are incredible and life changing and I am an example of that.

“Since volunteering with Cruse I have completed my Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies and have been accepted to study a Master’s degree in Integrative Counselling, starting in September 2019.”


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