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Brendan, 39 from Richmond got in contact with Cruse Bereavement Care after his baby girl, Grace died one month before she was born. Brendan describes how the support he received from Cruse helped him to understand the trauma he went through.

He says: “My wife Cindy and I lost our baby daughter, Grace, six months ago when she was only one month away from being born. We got home from a very happy trip to France for a cousin’s wedding to be faced with the news that our baby girl had a fatal condition in her brain.

“We were both in immense shock and pain. I quickly went into a self-destruct mode which was starting to affect all parts of my work and home life.

“My wife and some of my colleagues mentioned to me that I needed some support and recommended I reached out to Cruse Bereavement Care. That’s when I met Sue, my Cruse bereavement supporter.  

“Over a few months, Sue helped me process the events before, during and after Grace’s death. She gave me insightful feedback and support into what had happened and the chain of events thereafter, which in turn helped me to rebuild the pieces of my life.

“The biggest thing for me was identifying that I was not only grieving but I was also in serious trauma as a result of losing my daughter Grace.

“In reflection of what Cruse did to support me and my family - I decided to support Cruse by naming them as our dedicated charity for my company.  My company (Just Clear) is a nationwide House Clearance company, and we deal with a lot of household items such as furniture from probate estates. This also fits well with our company service as we deal with so many bereaved families.

“We now offer some furniture for free to collect from our warehouse to help local families and individuals and ask that they in-turn donate to Cruse.

“I absolutely would recommend people to Cruse and continue to do so at any appropriate time it’s needed. Although it will never replace the one you loved - we all need to find peace in that loosing someone is a part of life that we as humans never learn how to deal with, and any help during this time is welcomed.”

This year, Brendan shared her story in a short film to mark our 60th anniversary.


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