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When Claire was 17 her Dad was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer. Unfortunately, after an 11-month battle and several months of treatment, he died on the 9th November 2014, just a month after Claire’s 18th birthday.

Tragically, a few years later Claire’s Mum was also diagnosed with cancer, and despite receiving the all clear, she suffered complications related to her treatment and died on Easter Sunday 2019, when Claire was 22.

How did you first hear about Cruse?

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Valerie - mum to Claire, a Cruse client
Claire's mum Valerie
After we lost Dad, my Mum reached out to Cruse for support. She had several support sessions, some face-to-face and some over the phone. She told me how much she appreciated having someone to talk to and listen without any judgement and I know these sessions were really helpful in her grief journey. 

After Mum passed away, I turned to the Cruse website which offers a lot of great practical advice following a loss. I also follow the Cruse social media channels which often share great tips and advice.

What were your initial feelings about getting support from Cruse? Did you think it would help? 

At first I think I was quite sceptical about receiving support from Cruse and so was Mum. The thought of talking openly to a stranger was really daunting and neither us thought we would be able to open up, however this wasn't the case. The team at Cruse are amazing and they really make you feel comfortable and at ease.

What advice would you give to people who are thinking about coming to Cruse for support? 

I would really encourage anyone who is struggling with their grief to get in touch with Cruse. They offer loads of great resources, from practical advice on the website and social media channels to face-to-face and telephone support. They have a helpline as well as an online chat facility which means they are easily contactable and they can signpost you to local services and support groups.

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Woodbridge family
Claire as a child with her family