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Tracy, aged 51 from Swansea was left devastated after her daughter, Kelly was killed in a car crash in July 2016 at the age of 25. She got in contact with Cruse Bereavement Care six months after her daughter’s death and was supported by one of our bereavement volunteers.

Tracy says: “I was receiving support immediately after Kelly’s death and when that came to an end, my councellor recommended I got in contact with my local Cruse service in Swansea.

“My bereavement volunteer, Tara was absolutely lovely. If I wasn’t able to go into the local office she would come and visit me at my home. She listened to what I had to say and was kind and caring and I knew I could trust her. In the end she became more like a friend and I really looked forward to seeing her.

“After the court case I still felt very raw, but I decided I could cope on my own. I still haven’t accepted that Kelly has gone. I text her every day to tell her what I have been up to and how I am feeling and this helps me feel close to her.

“I will never be the same person and I am still struggling with my grief, but I am trying to turn it into something positive. Last year, on my Birthday I organised a sponsored 13-mile walk in honour of Kelly and raised over £4,000 for Cruse Bereavement Care and I am doing the walk again this year.

“I also want to go into schools and colleges to speak to children before they learn to drive. I want to tell them what happened to Kelly and how driving can destroy lives and families like ours. If I get through to one person it will be a success.

“I would not be there today without Cruse, they are a fantastic charity. If someone else is going through a bereavement and is thinking about contacting Cruse, I would tell them to not be embarrassed, or afraid as they are really friendly people who want to help you.”


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