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Georgia Letcher is the Helpline Services Coordinator at Cruse Bereavement Care.  She works alongside our team of incredibly dedicated bereavement volunteers who answer the phones on the National Helpline.

Georgia says: “In my role I look after the day to day running of our National Helpline service, which provides emotional support and information to anyone in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. I support the incredible Helpline volunteers on their shifts so that they’re able to provide help to as many bereaved people as possible. We are an incredibly busy service, so I’m always looking to build and expand our team by recruiting and training new volunteers. Alongside colleagues I work continuously to develop the service so that we can aim to answer every call that is made to the Helpline.

“I heard about the organisation through an old colleague of mine who joined Cruse a few years ago. I was really interested to learn more about the charity, so when this role became available I decided to apply. Since joining over a year ago, I have been amazed with the scale of support provided by Cruse and the commitment and passion of the volunteers that organise and run the services every day.

“As well as having the opportunity to work alongside some incredibly dedicated staff across the network, I also have the privilege of working with a wonderful team of volunteers on the Helpline, who make every day different. They all bring their own qualities and care to what they do, and that is a pleasure to see and be a part of. Some of the volunteers have been with Cruse for many years, so they bring to life for me the history and changes Cruse has been through over the years.

“Although I don’t often get the opportunity to be on the Helpline, one of my most memorable work moments was probably when I had the chance to take my first Cruse Helpline call. Despite having worked and volunteered on other helplines before, it suddenly felt like I had forgotten all the skills and training I’d gained, but that feeling instantly disappeared when I picked up the phone. It’s very special to be let in on someone’s life to sit with them through whatever it is they’re going through and give them the space to talk. And although these are often very difficult and emotional conversations, there is sometimes a chance to share a laugh and hopefully lighten someone’s load for a time.

“To mark Cruse’s 60th anniversary, I am lucky to be involved in a special anniversary event that will be held later this year and also attended the 60th Anniversary Conference in the summer.”


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