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Paul Butler has been a trustee for Cruse Bereavement Care for 18 months. After his wife died in 2005, he says he wished he had known about Cruse and the support it offered. Now as a trustee, Paul is keen to promote Cruse to ensure bereaved families can access support if they want it.

Paul says: “I was introduced to Cruse Bereavement Care as an Acas Council Member. Both organisations had been working together on a guide for ‘Managing Bereavement at Work’. 

“My wife died in 2005 and I was left with three children and at the time was the CEO of a national charity. I received a considerable amount of support from my family and friends, but I wanted support from someone who was outside of my friendship network and therefore able to provide me with some objectivity. I wish I had known about Cruse at the time.

“I now have an opportunity as a trustee to promote and support the good work the organisation is doing to support bereaved families. I am particularly keen to see how our work can be extended to reach communities and small companies that do not currently know about the work of Cruse.

“I particularly enjoy the fact that I am able to work with other board members to support the development and strategic direction of the organisation and ensure greater accessibility to our services.

“One of the things that stands out for me about Cruse is the number of volunteers supporting the work of the charity.  I work within the charitable sector myself and volunteers bring a tremendous amount of resource and energy to the organisation.  

“I am also pleased to have attended Cruse’s bereavement training. This got me thinking about my own journey and I found sharing experiences with other people was extremely helpful and the trainer was excellent.

“One of my most memorable moments was being appointed as a trustee and feeling that I was in a place to give something back to other bereaved families. I wish I had received the support of Cruse at the time I lost my wife.

“I think one of Cruse’s biggest achievements over the last 60 years is that it exists and continues to thrive during quite challenging funding times for charities. The implementation of our transformational programme will ensure greater accessibility and a more cohesive offer of support to bereaved families accessing our services.”

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