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Poppy Mardall is a Trustee at Cruse Bereavement Care. She also runs Poppy’s Funerals, an award-winning modern funeral directors serving bereaved people across Greater London. Poppy is deeply committed to the work of Cruse and bringing the needs of bereaved people to the top of the nation’s agenda.

Poppy says: “I wanted to become a Trustee for Cruse Bereavement Care because bereavement impacts every single one of us. It is something we all have in common but culturally it can feel like a taboo subject. I wanted to be part of the movement to bring bereaved people to the top of the nation’s agenda and to work to make their experience as supported as it can be.

“My work at Poppy’s highlights how important it is to receive the kind of gentle, thoughtful support that Cruse excels in providing to bereaved people. Every day we meet grieving people who are receiving the most fantastic support from their friends, family and community. But we also meet many others who have absolutely nowhere to turn. It is in these moments, which happen all too often, that I am so thankful for the volunteers and staff at Cruse.

“One of the things I love about Cruse is the strength of feeling of everyone at the organisation. Whether you’re speaking to a volunteer, a staff member or another supporter, you’ll notice a fierce pride in the mission and a deep care and commitment for the needs of bereaved people.

“The day to day, humble commitment of Cruse’s incredible volunteers stands out for me. We’re not trying to bring an end to bereavement – there is no end to the needs of our clients. There is no heroic final chapter to the Cruse mission. Bereaved people will always need support and kindness. So the work of the volunteers is extra heroic for me. It is deeply human.  

“One of the most memorable moments whilst being a Trustee for Cruse was saying a sad goodbye to the amazing Debbie Kerslake as CEO (after an incredible 18 years championing the bereaved at Cruse) and then being involved in the recruitment of the amazing Steven Wibberley, the new Chief Executive of Cruse. It symbolised so much of what is magnificent about Cruse. Both this rich history of commitment and this drive towards the future. It’s a very exciting time for Cruse.

“So much has been achieved by Cruse’s volunteers, staff and supporters over the last 60 years. Cruse’s commitment to change and development over the last few years has been and continues to be a truly magnificent achievement. Change is exciting and necessary, but it isn’t easy. Cruse’s phenomenal volunteers and staff will do whatever it takes to make sure we continue to put the needs of bereaved people at the top of the agenda, and that is very inspiring to be a part of.”


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