Our council members | Cruse Bereavement Care

Cruse Council

Mo Bradley Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees

Regional/National Elected Members:
Barry Besbrode REM North West
Dr Tina Challacombe REM South East
Angela Gannon REM Eastern England
Valerie Miskimmon MBE REM, Northern Ireland
Colin Robertson REM West Midlands
Vacancy REM North East
Lesley Hughes REM Yorkshire & Humber
Susan Turner REM South
David Pritchett REM East Midlands
Heather Eynon, NEM Wales
Mirella Brittan, REM South West

Special Interests:
Miroslav (Mike) Simera – Training

Core Services:
Hilda Hirst, Telephone Support


Policy Working Group

Andy Langford (staff)
Malcolm Shorney
Alan Caygill
Diane Hammersley
Marion Wilson
Christine Glover

Training Working Group

Paul Finnegan (staff)

Andy Langford (staff)
Suzanne Quinn (staff)
Malcolm Shorney
Margaret Nimmo-Smith
Sara Richards
Jane Cooper
Brian Hambling
Mike Simera