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What is a More than Words Champion?

  • More than Words Champions are members of the community who are committed to combating feelings of isolation and/or loneliness following a bereavement
  • More than Words Champions encourage self-help and peer-support based activities and events
  • Is NOT a Counsellor


What does a Champion do?

  • We hope (after the workshop) that Champions will feel comfortable handing out a signposting pack/information (e.g. local Samaritans number/address, the Cruse national helpline number etc.) to individuals who may be struggling and feeling especially lonely and or isolated following bereavement(s)
  • Champions can decide on the initial social activities – with the expectation being that over time, this will become more of a collective decision amongst more regular attendees
  • Champions can speak with a Cruse Supervisor after an activity has taken place. This is mostly to ensure Champions have an opportunity to relay any concerns and/or ensure they are ok themselves
  • They attend a loss and bereavement awareness workshop. A brief agenda detailing topics covered as part of this workshop can be found here
  • As always, we will not be chasing Champions and we do not expect everyone to assume this role for every activity. Should an individual wish to take a break, or would prefer not to be a Champion at all after the workshop, this is absolutely fine


How do I become a More than Words Champion?

To become a More than Words Champion, please register your interest on our online form. You must be willing to attend a (FREE) workshop, and actively engage in starting our co-running social groups specifically for bereaved individuals. You will also need to complete a Basic Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS). Find out more about the DBS check process by visiting the official DBS Website.


Can you help me start a group for bereaved individuals?

Yes! In addition to basic training, Cruse Bereavement Care's extensive network will offer advice on areas including: administration, publicity/promotion and safeguarding. In some instances, funding for initial venue hire and activities may be possible (please enquire).


Who can attend?

Any bereaved individual or persons over the age of 18 who feel they would benefit from meeting with others to reduce or prevent feelings of isolation and/or loneliness.


Can I bring a friend or family member?

Yes! You are welcome to bring someone with you to a group providing they have also experienced a bereavement. However, as each group is designed to bring together new people, we ask that additional guests are limited to one per person. As the groups/activities are designed to connect bereaved individuals experiencing a degree of loneliness, we suggest attending alone (wherever possible).


Can I register on someone else's behalf?

No. For reasons of security and data protection, please do not attempt to register on someone else's behalf. If you want to get support for someone else, please pass this information on to them and encourage them to contact us directly.


What do I do if I have a complaint?

Should you have a complaint or comment relating to More than Words, please contact us via email on: morethanwords@cruse.org.uk or telephone 0208 939 9534. We investigate all complaints thoroughly in accordance with our complaints policy.


What if there is not a group near me?

You are welcome to join any group regardless of location. However, we are currently only able to offer the service in select areas. More will be identified as the project progresses. If you would like to suggest a new location, please complete the following Suggestions for New Location Form.


Will this project be evaluated?

Cruse Bereavement Care is proud to announce this service is being evaluated by The University of Sheffield's School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR).