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What support can we offer:

You will benefit from our 60 years’ experience in bereavement and our long history of partnership-working and advanced best practice development in the bereavement field. Our expertise has led us to working on the response team for the Grenfell fire and Westminster Bridge attack, supporting first-responders and the general public first-hand.

Cruse has spent 2 years developing and trialling bespoke training for emergency services and front line personnel. This course has been rolled out to over 1,000 staff across the UK including FLOs, FLCs, Paramedics, & others.

  • What do you cover in the content?

You can find a template agenda here. We are also able to tailor the content to suit the needs/requests of specific personnel and/or departments. The content has been designed by a lead trainer who worked closely with front-line service personnel from the Police, Ambulance and Fire services, Military and RNLI. Through interactive sessions, attendees consider how to best look after themselves, their colleagues and others when confronted with distressing scenes/events – perhaps in combination with personal bereavement.

Workshop description

Bereavement in the workplace can be challenging to manage: employees may need to take time off unexpectedly; find their performance is impacted, or be temporarily unable to perform certain roles. However a compassionate and supportive approach demonstrates that the organisation values its employees, helps build commitment, reduce sickness absence and retain the workforce.

Cruse worked with ACAS to develop "Managing Bereavement in the Workplace – a good practice guide" to help employers manage this difficult situation through appropriate and sensitive discussions with their employee; both in the immediate aftermath of bereavement and in the longer term. Based on this guide, we offer workshops to support Human Resources teams and anyone one with responsibility for managing people or teams.

All courses include topics such as:

  • The impact of stigma
  • Workplace wellbeing and tips for self-care
  • Understanding triggers
  • Building resilience
  • Tips for supporting others


Workshop aims

After the workshop participants will:

  • Have an overview of the grieving process and begin to identify ways to support employees when bereavement occurs
  • Be aware of the impact of bereavement and grief in the workplace and the benefits of incorporating a workplace bereavement policy into their organisation
  • Understand how to communicate effectively and compassionately with bereaved staff, next of kin and colleagues
  • Be aware of the impact of working with bereaved people on themselves and colleagues, and consider ways to manage the wellbeing of themselves and others


You suggest when and where, and we will come to you.

We charge VAT (20%) on our training and eLearning. We price our services according to sectors and size of organisation, and we offer preferential rates for statutory bodies and charities.

All you need is:

  • A suitable venue to accommodate the session
  • A laptop and projector
  • A flip chart with pens / white board

You can attend our bespoke information days/workshops, visit our web pages to discover lots of helpful resources or contact our helpline for more direct support. If you are Behind the uniform, we are here for you.

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