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Tania volunteers as treasurer for Cruse's North East Region.

The first time I heard about Cruse was in 2012 when my neighbour, a dedicated Cruse member, expressed her concern about how difficult finding someone to volunteer as a treasurer is. I could see how important it was so I decided to help.

As I got to know more about Cruse, I realised that bereavement impacts everyone and that's what makes Cruse so vital as a support for people. And every volunteer is important and enables Cruse to continue to deliver their mission.

I have a background in finance, and I started volunteering when I was a full-time mum, willing to continue stretching and developing myself. Volunteering for Cruse is a great opportunity to practice and grow your skills and experience. It is also a good way of meeting nice people and provides variety from the usual day job. For me the sense of contribution is hugely rewarding.

Keeping financial records in order is vital therefore accuracy and attention to detail is an important skill alongside the ability to communicate financial information in a simple way. But the most valuable attribute is willingness to learn so you can support the organisation in the best way possible.

My eyes have been opened to the most amazing people that volunteer for Cruse and if there was any learning I could take from my experience with Cruse so far, life is too short so it is so important to do what you can to help others.

Volunteering for Cruse is rewarding, challenging and meaningful!.

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