Cruse to feature in Amy Winehouse documentary

Cruse volunteers and team members will feature in a new documentary about Dionne Bromfield, the goddaughter of the late singer Amy Winehouse.

By KateMitchell · July 27, 2021

The documentary features Dionne exploring her grief, ten years on from Amy’s death. It will explore the impact of grief and the perils of fame.

They were looking for young people to feature in a group discussion about grief, addiction and loss, from a personal experience. It will also include stories about how people had been personally effected by Amy’s death.

Cruse Clinical Director discusses grief with Dionne Bromfield

Andy features in a 1-1 discussion with Dionne about grief, and about how even though someone dies, we don’t stop relating to them. The documentary will be broadcast on Monday 26th July at 10pm on MTV.


Amie, one of the Cruse Bereavement Volunteers who features in the film comments on her involvement:

“I remember Dionne talking about how she can now talk more openly about her bereavement. I highlighted that no one has the same journey but often people think or ask ‘will things get better?’, or ‘when will I stop feeling like this?’

Whilst we cannot answer that, I think it is important to recognise that it is ok to be on your own journey. We also spoke about remembering the people no longer with us, the memories we had and the moment we’ll never forget.

One thing we are taught at Cruse is that grief doesn’t disappear or get smaller but our lives grow around it and the conversations shared during the filming very much highlighted that.

I felt really privileged that the group of individuals that I had spent only a few hours with felt comfortable sharing their stories.’

Andy Langford and Dionne Bromfield

Bima said:

“Amy was my age now when she passed and I felt so much for Dionne, being on her grief journey, that I thought if there were any way I could help or contribute to not only her journey but to the younger minds who watch MTV then I must!

We don’t often see younger people grieve, nor do we focus on younger people dying, as it’s such a difficult concept to grasp, but it is so important to shine a light on this subject and all I ever want to do in my life is to help others feel normal, okay and not alone.

When we met Dionne, she was so lovely and professional, despite the subject and I really admire her strength and awareness of her raw emotions.

This docuseries will help so many young people, and older, to remove the stigma of death, but also to hopefully remove the harsh judgements people made of Amy Winehouse.”