A new toolkit for GPs to use with bereaved patients

We're announcing an exciting new partnership with the Royal College of GPs to strengthen bereavement support and understanding of grief for people across the UK.

By Cruse Bereavement Support · December 1, 2021

At the start of National Grief Awareness Week, we’re announcing an exciting new partnership with the Royal College of GPs to strengthen bereavement support and understanding of grief for people across the UK. In an important step for UK healthcare, we aim to highlight just how impactful grief can be on a person’s physical and mental health.  

Highlighting the link between grief and health

Our research shows that over three-quarters of adults in Britain (78%) have never spoken to a GP about a bereavement (YouGov poll, 2021). With this staggering figure in mind, Cruse and The RCGP are calling on members of the public who are struggling with grief to speak with their GP practice team about their bereavement. This will give GP teams the opportunity to identify people who may need additional support from bereavement services as well as offering information and advice on support available.

With the support of a grant from The National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK, this campaign will supply GPs nationwide with a tool kit enabling them to provide consistent and compassionate support for all those grieving.

A new toolkit to use with patients

The tool kit also provides information and products for patients and healthcare staff – including an animation on the new partnership, a patient poster for all GP surgeries on bereavement and grief and a VBA (very brief advice) card for practice staff. 

Sadly, nearly everyone will be affected by bereavement at some point in their life and it is vital that the right support is available and known for people who need it. This exciting initiative is a big step toward ensuring healthcare groups and bereavement support charities are working in partnership to provide the best bereavement support for grieving people. 

Catherine Millington-Sanders from The Royal College of General Practitioners said:

“After a bereavement it’s natural to want and ask for support. Many people find support from their friends, family or community networks but others may find more formal support helpful. GP practices are a valued and important source of information, support and advice in our communities. This exciting work between the RCGP and Cruse aims to support GP practice teams with tools to help identify people with bereavement needs and accessible information to sign-post people to bereavement support, promoting positive health & wellbeing, ensuring the bereaved person is at the centre of every step.”

Steven Wibberley, our Chief Executive commented:

“Understanding grief and how it can affect your health is the first step towards getting the support you need – and GPs and practice teams can play a really important role in helping grieving people with this. That’s why we are so pleased to be collaborating with The RCGP in this important campaign to bridge the gap between healthcare and bereavement support. It’s our hope that this partnership will also ensure all grieving people, especially those who may feel alone and unsure of where to get help, are able to access the right support when they so desperately need it.” 

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Access the toolkit here