We’re here to support anyone affected by the Liverpool terrorist attack

If you’ve been affected by the news in the last few days about the recent terrorist attack in Liverpool, we're here to help.

By Cruse Bereavement Support · November 18, 2021

On Sunday 14th November, a self-made bomb was exploded outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital. We know that events like these can be hugely troubling for those at the scene, the friends and families of those who are killed as well as anyone who’s experienced a terrorist incident before.

How we support victims of terrorism

These kinds of traumatic events affect people in different ways. The feelings they provoke can be very strong and frightening. It’s important you ask for help if you’re struggling with what happened.

It’s normal to feel a wide range of emotions very strongly. These might include:

  • Shock
  • Pain
  • Grief
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Fear

Our volunteers can help you make sense of how you’re feeling.

We’ve lent support to victims of terrorism on a number of occasions over the decades, from 9/11 to the Manchester Arena Bombings. We also have  a specialised group of volunteers that are trained in dealing with these sorts of incidents.

If you’ve been affected by the news of the recent terrorist attack in Liverpool, our Major Incident Team is here to help.

Get support

Call the Cruse Helpline to find out what support is available.