New online grief assessment

Helping every bereaved person get the information and support they need.

By SuzanneBegley · October 4, 2021

Why an online grief assessment?

We know that people come to the Cruse website to get help with their grief.  We want to make it as easy as possible for every bereaved person to get the information and support they need.

We also know that everyone is affected by grief in different ways – our experiences are unique and will change over time. We want to give people personalised information and advice relevant to them.

We hope that everyone who uses the grief assessment tool will feel supported and listened to and know what to do next if they need more help.

How does the assessment work?

We ask users nine questions about their grief and how they are feeling about life today.  Each question is scored out of four and based on the final score we recommend the type of support we think might suit them. We also provide a selection of relevant videos with advice and information from our clinical staff and Cruse Bereavement Supporters.

How was it developed?

The tool is based on the Adult Attitudes to Grief scale which is used widely in bereavement services to understand how people are coping with their grief and what therapeutic support might benefit.  We have adapted the nine questions in the grief scale so the language is a bit more user-friendly.

Cruse Clinical Director Andy Langford was involved in designing the tool and our Bereavement Support volunteers helped us create the video advice. Our digital team alongside digital partner Reason developed and tested the interface.

Has it been tested with bereaved people?

Yes! The tool was tested with bereaved people during the early design phase and we adapted it based on their feedback. However, there is still much to learn and we will be testing with more bereaved people and asking them if they find it useful. We will also be monitoring how people use the assessment tool on our website. This is done using a combination of Google Analytics and HotJar.

Is this a pilot?

Yes! We are launching the grief assessment as a pilot. We will be monitoring carefully how it is used and the feedback we receive. We will be adapting the tool based on insights from testing.

Are we collecting and storing personal data?

No.  The questions are answered anonymously and we don’t collect any personal data with the grief assessment. We are using software to monitor usage trends and so the tool can be adapted and improved.

Can I give you my feedback?

Absolutely! We would love to hear what you think about the tool and any ways we can improve it to better support bereaved people. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page.


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