Precocious Scars

Julia Englehorn, Author of Precocious Scars, shares with us her experience of grief and her journey to healing.

June 28, 2024

In 2017, Julia experienced the unimaginable when her three-year-old twins were killed by their father, her ex-husband. After going through her own journey of healing, she has written a book and launched a website to help others who have also lost a loved one to domestic violence. Here in her own words she tells her story of grief to healing.

I decided to write a book about my experience as I realised very early on in my healing journey that there were no books available, at least that I could find, that addressed my particular issue. It took me a long time to actually put pen to paper and overcome my limiting beliefs. It was a slow and gradual process until I eventually published last year.

Later I realised that people either do not know how to respond to someone who has experienced what I have experienced, and others do not want to allow this type of energy into their lives, believing that if they did that they are inviting that type of misfortune into their own live. This is how started, to try and reach more people and to try and help them on their own healing journeys in any way I can.

But I also wanted to normalise the conversation around grief and loss. It is something we will all have to face, in varying degrees, and to suppress our emotions and feelings around this will only lead to mental and physical complications down the line.

I have always had the unconditional support of my husband and family and so I also wanted to help people who know of a grieving person that just being present with someone who is going through loss is enough. Many people worry about saying the wrong thing or don’t know what to say, and to avoid any pain, for either one, they are at risk of avoiding the grief stricken person all together.

Julia’s book, Precious Scars: The true story of how I learned to live without my children after they were murdered, is available to buy on Amazon.

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