We are delighted to announce our newest ambassador, Bridgerton’s Ruby Barker

June 13, 2023

Best known for playing Marina in the Netflix hit show Bridgerton (2020), Ruby found her love of acting after finishing school in Yorkshire and going on to be part of many local theatre productions. Ruby chose to support Cruse as it is a cause very close to her heart. She sadly lost her father suddenly in January of 2023 and is passionate that young people are able to access grief support at the time when they really need it.

When my dad passed away it was very final, I’d never felt a pain quite like it. It felt like my whole world turned upside down, I don’t think anyone feels ready to lose a parent but I always thought I’d lose him when I was in my forties or something, and I didn’t feel prepared for this grief. I didn’t feel ready to say goodbye.

Ruby Barker

We are delighted to welcome Ruby as a new Ambassador for Cruse. Her personal story of loss is a sad reminder that grief can affect anyone at any age. At Cruse, we know just how important is it for people to come forward and get support when they are struggling, no matter how old they are or what their story might be – and is our hope that with Ruby’s help, we will be able to reach more people who need that support.

Steven Wibberley, Chief Executive at Cruse Bereavement Support