Support for prisoners

Cruse runs projects in England and Northern Ireland to deliver support to people grieving while in prison.

Grieving in prison can be extremely difficult. Prisoners are separated from the support of friends and family. Many prisoners have suffered multiple and traumatic bereavements.

Northern Ireland Prison Support Service

Cruse delivers a service which supports bereaved prisoners as they serve their sentence, and within the community after they are released.

The aim of the support is to reduce re-offending and help prisoners settle back into the community. The service is funded by the Northern Ireland Prison Service and is delivered by trained Cruse volunteers and supervisors.

For more information on how to get support for a prisoner, or to volunteer with the project, please contact Morvern McFadden. Email

Grief Inside Prison Project

Cruse has been funded by the Ministry of Justice to provide a range of bereavement support at six prisons in England. Sites include male and female establishments, young offenders, Category B and C prisons, and open prisons.

We’ll be supporting prisoners who experience normal, moderate and complex reactions. We’ll be offering a range of support, including individual ongoing support, telephone support, peer support,  information sessions and leaflets.

For more information contact Marion Wilson. Email: