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BBC Radio 4's daily podcast, 'Beyond Today' talks about sibling loss and shares the story of Georgia Coan, a producer on the programme.

Georgia's brother Elliot died in 2013 at the age of 19 due to complications in a routine surgery. Recently she made the decision to openly discuss her experience with grief for a podcast episode.

Georgia said: "One minute my brother was alive and well, the next he was gone and the world was pulled from underneath my feet. Our family’s life changed in an instant.

"My brother was my best friend so when he died, it felt like the colour had faded from my life.

"Grief can be an overwhelming experience and I struggled to be around other people, refusing to leave the house most days and desperately seeking a resource online where people might understand my grief. I’ve also struggled a lot with my mental health since losing Elliot. My emotions were often unstable and I struggled to talk to anyone about the way I felt, putting up a wall to protect myself from further upset and pain.

"Grief is still a taboo subject. We often spend our lives thinking we are all immortal and death will never affect us. It’s understandable. Death is scary and not the first topic you’d bring up at a dinner party. But the more we talk about grief and loss, the more comfortable it becomes for people going through the pain of losing someone they love. When we talk openly about grief, it helps us to process our pain and keep our loved one’s memory alive in our everyday life.

"I hope this podcast episode helps to raise awareness of grief, especially sibling loss, and hopefully will become a resource for those struggling with their loss. Nobody is ever alone and it’s helpful to be able to share our experience with loss and seek out help from charities or support groups.   

"Although I still struggle with the pain of grief every day, especially around Christmas time, I now feel comfortable enough to share my story and hope it helps others who are struggling as well as encouraging them to reach out."

You can listen to the podcast from 17:00 on Thursday 20th December 2018 on the BBC Radio 4 website.