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Cruse Bereavement Care, 28 July 2021

Our Day For You



This September we’re asking people to remember a loved one by holding A Day For You. They’ll be bringing family and friends together for one special day, sharing stories and memories, and helping raise money to support people struggling with grief.

We asked a few people what they plan to do for their A Day For You, here’s what they said…


My husband, Graham, died two years ago and I miss his physical presence every minute of every day! It is so, so important to me that I stay connected to Graham and celebrate his memory whenever I can – and A Day For You is a wonderful way to do exactly that.

I’m going to walk 26km of Graham’s favourite path in the Gower Peninsula, with his stepson Ed, and a few friends.

Graham would plan these walks meticulously and Ed and I are planning our route with the same careful attention to detail. We’ll also be sure to eat some of Graham's favourite chargrilled chicken rolls from Greggs! At the end of our walk, we’ll listen to Graham's favourite song "Mambo Number 5”!

We’ll laugh, we’ll cry but most importantly we can all show our love for Graham on that special day. It will feel good to remember him that way.


My Day for You, David, love of my life, is a day of movie and music quizzes to celebrate your pop culture nerdiness.

From French New Wave Cinema to Michael Bay action movies, German electro to Miley Cyrus bangers, there were no genres too obscure, no pleasures too guilty.

I’ll get a crew together, we’ll argue over answers, we’ll laugh, we’ll sing, we’ll fight for the win, but mostly we’ll raise our glasses to you, the hottest, kindest nerd that ever lived.


One of the last happy memories I have is taking Mum out for a cream tea for her birthday. She was always so grateful for any time we spent with her. Always worried about the impact on us when we took time to drive and pick her up, get her into the car and be patient when she walked with her frame to wherever we were going. That summed her up - always thinking of others. Offering friendly advice, an honest opinion and looking out for those who she thought were lonely and were in need. Many of our memories revolve around Mums ability to cater! No matter when you visited there would be food - buffets were her speciality and her trifle was legendary. 

So that's exactly what we're going to do in September to celebrate A Day For You – hold a cream tea in her honour. That day was so special and she felt like a queen in a country hotel sipping tea and eating sandwiches and scones. We spend a lot of time as a family laughing. Laughing at Mums funny stories, many that were repeated - but always told with a fun sense of humour that made the ordinary seem like a comedy script. We miss her - trifle and all.

A Day For You is a wonderful way to celebrate the life of your loved one.

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