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We are proud to announce a fantastic International line-up our 60th Anniversary Conference being held at The Park Regis Hotel Birmingham on Thursday 4th & Friday 5th July 2019.

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Christopher Hall

For the past 23 years Christopher Hall has held the position of Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement, a government-funded specialist bereavement service, which is based in Melbourne, Victoria. He is a psychologist who has developed a specialisation in the field of grief and bereavement over the past 25 years. Chris has trained many health and education professionals in grief theory and interventions and has keynoted at conferences throughout North America as well as Europe, Asia and Australia. He has a strong interest in complex bereavement experiences, the organisational impact of grief and loss and bridging research and practice.

On day one of the Conference Chris will present a plenary Technology and bereavement care: Opportunities and challenges of providing a telehealth bereavement service. This will be followed by a seminar: Recent developments in bereavement: Bridging theory and practice.

Robert Neimeyer

Robert Neimeyer is a Professor in the Department of Psychology, University of Memphis, where he also maintains an active clinical practice. He also serves as Director of the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition, which offers training and certification in grief therapy. Robert has published 30 books, including a series of volumes on Techniques of Grief Therapy and Grief and the Expressive Arts, the latter with Barbara Thompson, and serves as Editor of the journal Death Studies. He is currently working to advance a more adequate theory of grieving as a ‘meaning-making’ process, both in his published work and through his frequent professional workshops for national and international audiences. 

On day one of the Conference Robert will present a plenary on Intervening in Meaning: New Directions in Grief Therapy. On day two Robert will deliver a two part seminar on Brief grief therapy covering two techniques: Part 1 Introducing our Loved Ones and Part 2 Virtual Dream Stories.

Caroline Lloyd

Caroline LLoyd is currently focused on completing a PhD in bereavement at Trinity College, Dublin. She has 30 years’ experience as a volunteer, which includes active involvement with Cruse as a Bereavement Volunteer, Support Group Facilitator and member of West Berks CSC. She is a trainer/educator, published academic, and author of Grief Demystified: an introduction. Caroline uses a triangulation perspective in her work: personal lived experiences, academic research and client support

On day one of the Conference Caroline will present a plenary on The Lloyd & Mc Guckin Multidimensional Theory of Bereavement. This will be followed by a seminar: Multidimensional Theory of Bereavement (MTB).

Henk Schut

Henk Schut is a clinical psychologist and associate professor of Clinical Psychology at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. His research interests cover processes of coping with loss and the efficacy of bereavement care and grief therapy. Henk also works as a trainer for professionals (eg medical specialists and funeral directors) in dealing with bereaved people and he supervises post-academic clinical psychologists in their research interests. Henk is co-author of a number of scientific and professional articles and books on grief, bereavement and death. Henk is one of the editors of Handbook of Bereavement Research (2001), Handbook of Bereavement Research and Practice: Advances in Theory and Intervention (2009), both together with Maggie Stroebe, Wolfgang Stroebe and Bob Hansson and, together with Maggie Stroebe and Jan van den Bout, Complicated Grief: Scientific Foundations for Health Care Professionals (2012).

On day two of the Conference Henk will present a plenary 60 years of caring for the bereaved! And does it benefit bereaved people?  This will be followed by a seminar: Bridging the gap between bereavement research and bereavement care.

Carl Becker

Carl Becker is Specially Appointed Professor of Policy Science at the Medical School of Kyoto University, where his research has focused on medical ethics at the end of life, psycho-social support for terminal patients, and burnout of medical staff. He is a director or board member of the Japan Society for Medicine and Philosophy, the Japan Society for Spiritual Care, the Japan Vihara and Buddhist Nursing Society, the Japan Society for Mind-Body Science, the Japan Society for Biothanatology, the Society for the History of Psychiatry, the International Working Group on Death, Dying, and Bereavement, and the Japan Religious Studies Association. He serves on the editorial board of the Journals of Near-Death Studies, Personalized Medicine, and Mortality, and reviews for many gerontology journals. 

He has participated in projects of Japan's Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Education, is consulted frequently by the news media on medical ethics in Japan, and has been decorated by the Emperor of Japan for his studies of aging and dying in Japanese culture.

On day two of the Conference Carl will present a plenary Death, Dying, Bereavement, and End of Life Care: Measurement, Counselling, and Experiential Grounding. This will be followed by a seminar The struggle to enfranchise grief care.