The football match that saves lives | Cruse Bereavement Care

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A charity football match is taking place on Sunday 26 May 2019 at Oxford Football Club to remember a young man called Albie Jones, who was tragically stabbed and killed in London in December 2017. 
The event, called ‘Albie’s Game’ was set up last year by Harry O’Neill, Albie’s friend and ex-teammate to raise money for a London charity called Lives Not Knives. This year he is organising the event again and is also supporting Cruse Bereavement Care. 
Harry said: “A group of us played football at Oxford United’s Academy a number of years ago. One of the lads, Albie lived in London and was stabbed outside his home in Edmonton in 2017, he was murdered by one of his best friends. 
“Last year I got all the lads from the Academy together for a charity football game to remember Albie and to raise money for a charity called Lives Not Knives which works with young people to help prevent knife crime.
“In June I went to Albie’s murder trial and it got me thinking about the other side to the story; the side that sees families and friends left behind after these attacks happen. They need support, and after some research Cruse seemed the best people to help with that. 
“We need to work to prevent violent crimes happening in the first place, but in the meantime there’s people that need help in dealing with the death of loved ones”
This year Harry and the team are hoping to raise £2,000 with the money being split equally between Cruse Bereavement Care and Lives Not Knives. Click here to find out more about the event and how you can support it: