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Bereavement is one of the most devastating things any of us will ever go through. For many employers, it can be difficult to know how to respond when an employee is bereaved, and how to ensure that the impact on both the individual and the organisation is minimised. With one in ten people in the UK likely to be affected by bereavement at any one time, employers can benefit from planning ahead.

These pages outline the support Cruse can offer to organisations:


Why support bereaved employees?

At any time, one in ten people in the UK is likely to be affected by a bereavement. We know that while many bereaved employees cope reasonably well at work, others struggle to manage their loss, and this can impact on their work and their relationships with managers and colleagues. A well planned and managed approach to bereavement at work not only helps bereaved employees to cope better with their loss but also:-

  • Supports their return to productivity
  • Can help reduce absenteeism and sick leave
  • Helps avoid unnecessary staff turnover
  • Addresses the impact on colleagues and co-workers
  • Strengthens corporate culture and team morale


Why Cruse?

As co-authors of the new cross-sector Bereavement Care Service Standards, a lead partner of the ACAS Bereavement in the Workplace guidelines and publishers of the international journal Bereavement Care, Cruse has a longstanding reputation for excellence in bereavement support. Whatever the need, Cruse is here to help find the appropriate solution for your organisation.

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