Entitlement to stay in Service Accommodation | Cruse Bereavement Care

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Many serving personnel live in their own homes, but for those who live in service accommodation there are often concerns about when they have to move.

The Visiting Officer will give specific advice on each personal circumstance, but currently the bereaved spouse/civil partner may remain in their married quarter or hiring for a two year period. Retention of the quarter/hiring may be extended beyond two years depending on circumstances – the welfare agency looking after the family will be able to assist should this be the case.

The bereaved spouse/civil partner becomes the licensee and will continue to pay normal quarter charges/rent. Council Tax charges may be abated by 25% for single occupancy.

It may be possible for the surviving partner to be allocated a married quarter closer to where she wants to settle to allow him/ her to move into the area and look for private accommodation.

Costs for the final move into private accommodation (both removal costs and an allowance to cover the misc costs known as “Disturbance Allowance”) are payable on the final move to a private address.