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Here is a quick list of the acronyms you will encounter on these pages, what they stand for and what they mean. You can print out this information and also save it on to your own computer here.

AFSC Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Replaced the War Pensions scheme in 2005 and provides lump sum and pension, where applicable, where death is caused by service
AIASC Army Inquiries and Aftercare Support Cell Medium to long term support for bereaved Army families: 01264 381991/457
CEA Continuity of Education Allowance Commonly known as “Boarding School Allowance”; if a child receiving this allowance when their parent dies it will continue to the end of that stage of education.
CNO Casualty Notification Officer Appointed by the NA
CoO Country of Origin Generally refers to members of the Armed Forces whose place of birth is outside UK
DIU Defence Inquest Cell Liaison between Coroners and MOD over inquest, may also brief families
EC Emergency Contact Nominated by the serviceperson as the first to be informed; may not be the same as the NOK
DILFOR Dangerously Ill Forwarding of Relatives The mechanism where families are funded by MOD to get to the beside of a very seriously ill person
F & C Foreign and Commonwealth Some personnel are F & C
FLO Family Liaison Officer Civil or Military Police Officer responsible for keeping family informed of an investigation (usually only where death caused by crime)
JCCC Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre Responsible for the co-ordination of all casualty and compassionate notification
LAIT Land Accident Prevention & Investigation Team Will investigate all army fatal accidents where they may have been procedural or equipment failures
LOA Local Overseas Allowance (inc Small Station Allowance) Payable to bereaved families overseas whilst in Quarters

MoD Form 106

MOD will form A form for making a simple will
NA Notifying Authority Responsible for the training and support of the CNO and VO.
NMA National Memorial Aboretum Includes the Armed Forces Memorial for those who died in the line of duty
NOK Next of Kin Closest relative by blood or marriage
NOTICAS Notification of casualty Title of the signal which carries the initial and subsequent information of the casualty
PE Personal effects The deceased person’s personal belongings
SGIP Survivors Guaranteed Income Payment Tax-free lump sum for bereaved spouses and partners
SP Pol Allowance Service Personnel Policy (Allowances) MOD Branch responsible for policy on allowances
Service Personnel and Veterans Agency, Veterans Welfare Service Provides a Welfare Manager for ongoing advice and support and advice
VO Visiting Officer Appointed by the JCCC to provide practical support in the short to medium term. Will normally come from the same service as the deceased and will usually be local to family.
WPS War Pension Service Provides compensation payments for those whose pension terms are pre 2005