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The Together For You project is now closed for new referrals.

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Help and hope booklet on bereavement for men

About Together For You

Together For You was a new project for Cruse Northern Ireland. We were been awarded £3 million by the Big Lottery Fund as part of a consortium of organisations under the banner ‘Together For You’, to encourage early intervention and provide intensive support services for people experiencing mental ill health.

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Bereavement Support Group

The death of someone close can be shattering. At Cruse, experience has shown that talking about your bereavement in a group with others can help you understand and work through your feelings and grief. 

Community Bereavement Awareness Workshops

When you meet a friend, client or colleage after someone dies do you feel you don't know what to say or how to behave? If the answerwas yes, attending one of our Bereavement Awareness Workshops helped people to respond and support family members, friends, clients or colleagues following a death. 

Bereavement information sessions 

Bereavement Information Sessions were one off sessions to provide you with support and information after someone dies. The groups covered:

  • Why we grieve
  • The possible impacts of grief
  • What affects how we grieve
  • How you can help yourself through grief
  • How Cruse can help you through bereavement and grief