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In an analysis of our evaluation forms received between May 2016 and March 2017 all respondents rated their volunteer as "helpful" or "very helpful." Everyone answered that they would recommend Cruse to others. Our clients rated their greatest positive changes in “emotion”, “depression” and “self esteem.”

Testimonies from our clients

  • "My bereavement volunteer was amazingly perceptive and kept discussions centred on helping me to cope."
  • "I was not comfortable in discussing my grief with anyone outside the family. My volunteer helped me to open up."
  • "I found the one-on-one support really helpful at a time when I found it hard to talk about my feelings."
  • "Being listened to without judgement and with kindness and being able to explore and express my grief….It has helped me more than anything  else since the death of my mother and my depression …. Just please keep doing what you're doing, it's so valuable. Thank you."
  • "I cannot speak highly enough of my Volunteer. I felt absolutely heard and supported, that her comments and direct prompts were sensitive and insightful. I really cannot thank her, or Cruse enough.  While my grief felt unmoveable and huge, it is now something familiar- shifting but bearable- in my life."
  • "Cruse helped in a way that was quite different to the help I had received from family and friends. It was invaluable."
  • "With patience and kindness my volunteer created a space of trust. I felt safe to be honest about my feelings and however overwhelming those feelings felt to me, he listened with empathy, strength and humanity. I feel very lucky and grateful to have had him as my Bereavement volunteer."


A testimony from a father of four we helped:

First of all I want to give thanks to Cruse for providing the opportunity for me and my children to learn about ourselves, as individuals and as a family, and about the grief process. We lost my beloved wife Iciar in May 2015, and it took me until 02/16 to realize that I was lost going nowhere. I decided before to send my four kids into bereavement support with Cruse, and then I noticed that time was not helping me much, that I needed to look into my loneliness and try to connect with the reason why I was feeling emotionally sick, I didn't even know which stage of the grieving process I was, but definitively I wasn't in control of my life or the children's behaviour, the future was not so bright, faithless without strength, hopeless and everything at that time used to be a little drama.

My bereavement volunteer slowly and patiently opened my eyes to a less pessimistic reality, always reinforcing me, showing me the achievements made, encouraging me for overcoming the difficult dates such as anniversaries, birthdays, mother's day...etc, telling me that we were moving on and advancing even if I couldn't notice it. I ended the sessions last week perfectly aware of my resilience, delighted after where I came from, and how many gifts are being handed to me, to be grateful to have four children to look after and to enjoy raising them, praising and learning from them. I was finally able to turn most of the pain into a positive feeling of generosity and true love, to be an example of courage as a consequence of the lack of the perfect wife and mother, impossible to be replaced, but great to be remembered, being able to see the blessing of sharing that extra sensitivity with four creatures that are also making a great effort to grow with happiness and joy, to love and be loved against the adversity, as the mother used to do. Those strong feelings are embracing us to stick together as a team with the same goal, made her proud of us every time she sees us from above.

So thanks again for re-conducting my thoughts into the light when I was weak in the tunnel, I hope that I could do the same for others, but maybe it is still too early due I know that life hits you hard again when you are less expectant, and when it happens I will remember you and all that we learned together.

Best wishes and eternal gratitude




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