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How do I become a Bereavement Volunteer?

In order to volunteer with us as a Bereavement Volunteer (BV), you will need to attend the Bereavement Support Foundation (BSF) course that we run. This is the national Cruse foundation course for anybody wanting to work with our clients as a qualified BV. It consists of core modules focusing on the impact of bereavement and the grieving process and how listening and responding skills can be used to support clients.  It is scheduled over a number of whole days at weekends or sometimes in the evenings. Participants can have their work accredited by Ascentis (National Level II) if they wish. This is an intensive course in which trainees will be required to play an active part. Painful memories may be aroused and applicants who have suffered a close bereavement in the last two years may not be accepted for the course. There is an expectation that trainees will be punctual and attend all sessions. Attendance at the first session is obligatory.

Pre-selection criteria. All applicants must live within the Borough of Richmond. This is a requirement for ensuring that all volunteers can travel the extent of the borough as we most often see clients in their own homes. Volunteering for Cruse must be a priority, rather than to fulfil a counselling/psychotherapy course placement requirement. We only consider applicants on placement in exceptional circumstances. 

Richmond Cruse normally run one Bereavement Support Foundation (BSF) course every year. It is preceded by an interview where you can ask questions to learn more and for you to decide whether it is right for you – and for the area to decide whether you are right for the course. On successful completion of the course, trainees will be invited to a post-course interview comprised of an independent panel furnished with trainers' reports from the course. If successful, they are allocated a supervisor, and decisions will be made about how, when and where they will see their first client.

All successful applicants will be required to complete a DBS check.

If you wish to be considered for future courses, please fill in this form to express your interest.

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