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We have a total membership of around 56 volunteers and always welcome newcomers. We combine all ages, male and female, different backgrounds and experiences but with one aim - to support the bereaved and pre-bereaved during their journey of grief.

There is always much to be done and achieved in order for the South Kent Area to continue to support those who call on our services. In the last few months a number of Areas have closed due to lack of funds and volunteers. Last year we were saved by a grant from the Health Lottery and this year we have been awarded a substantial award from the National Lottery. Any funding takes much time, energy and paperwork to acquire. We always welcome new donors.

Our service is growing but we are only just keeping pace and are always needing more volunteers and funding.

If you think you could be a Cruse Bereavement Supporter or anyone you know or work with might be interested - give the office a ring for more information - we would love to hear from you.