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Volunteering opportunities

Bereavement Volunteers

Anyone can apply to be a volunteer for Cruse. You do not need qualifications or previous experience, but you do need to care about bereaved people and have time to offer. The core foundation training course (details below) has been designed to equip Cruse volunteers with bereavement awareness, skills and knowledge. Following a selection process, ongoing training and supervision is provided. We welcome men and women of all ages, races, cultures and background.

Help with events & fundraising

If you want to help with events and fundraising in any way including sharing ideas, organisation, hosting or being available to assist on the day then contact our Area Administrator on 07947 579354 or email her at southwestsurrey@cruse.org.uk

Bereavement Support Training Course

The date of our next training course is still to be confirmed.

The aim of this course is to provide individuals with the awareness, knowledge and basic counselling skills needed to provide effective support for bereaved people.
Bereavement can be the most traumatic and significant life event that a person will experience. Our experience in South West Surrey Cruse is that effective bereavement support can help people cope with the impact of death and its aftermath, promote health and enable individuals to live fully and independently.
The Bereavement Support Course is designed as a foundation course for all Cruse volunteers and staff with client contact. Additional training, continuing development and supervision is provided for those who successfully apply to join South West Surrey Cruse.
The course is facilitated by a small team of experienced Cruse bereavement volunteers who have additional knowledge and skills in the field of adult learning. Theory, skills and personal values are integrated throughout by working with two models (Awareness, Skills and Knowledge / Feelings, Thoughts and Actions). Due to the content and structure, this course is not recommended for anyone who has had a close bereavement in the last 2 years.
Please note: In SW Surrey Cruse we do not permit Cruse client work to be used for case studies by volunteers studying for a counselling diploma or similar qualification.
A Cruse certificate will be awarded to all trainees who successfully complete the course.
Please contact our Area Administrator on 07947 597354 or email southwestsurrey@cruse.org.uk if you are interested in applying to volunteer for SW Surrey Cruse