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Bereavement Support Foundation course (previously called Awareness in Bereavement course)

This revised course provides volunteers with the awareness, skills and knowledge needed to begin working with bereaved people. The course comprises  four 6 hour days of the Bereavement Support Foundation course plus a 2 or 3 day module to enable participants to work on a one to one basis with clients. Cruse are also now offering other modules to enable you to work with clients by email and telephone or in groups. Courses will usually be held on Saturdays and attendance at all the days is mandatory. 

Before attending the course, you will be asked to come for a pre-course asessment to confirm whether this work would be suitable for you. 

On completion of the course you will be invited to a post-course interview by two Cruse members who will review your course portfolio and the trainer’s feedback.  All successful attendees will be required to complete an enhanced DBS check.

The course provides a basis for future training modules ('A Child's Grief' and 'Sudden and Traumatic Death')  which together with support, experience and supervision will enable the trainee to develop as a bereavement support volunteer.

For further information please contact thamesvalleyberks@cruse.org.uk or check the Cruse website under training www.cruse.org.uk

We regret that we are not able to take anyone wishing a placement for counselling training at the moment.

Cruse has an equal opportunities policy.


Reading List

If you are interested in becoming a Bereavement Volunteer you might find the following reading list helpful.

Essential Reading

Dickenson D, Johnson M (eds) (2002)

Death, Dying and Bereavement, 2nd edition

Sage Publications

ISBN 978-0761-968573

Lendrum S, Syme G (2004)

Gift of Tears, 2nd edition                                                               


ISBN 978-1583-919330

Worden J W (2003)

Grief Counselling & Grief Therapy, 3rd edition                                 


ISBN 978-1583-919415

Supportive Literature

Egan G (2002)

The Skilled Helper, 7th edition                                                        


ISBN 978-0534-367312

Kubler-Ross E (1969)

On Death and Dying            


ISBN 978-0415-040150

Parkes CM  (1996)

Bereavement: Studies of Grief in Adult Life, 3rd edition                  


ISBN 978-0140-257540

Parkes CM (2006)

Love and Loss


ISBN 978-0415-390415

Klass D, Silverman PR, Nickman SL (1996)

Continuing Bonds                             

Taylor and Francis         

ISBN 978-1560-323396



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