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Our clients are offered the opportunity to fill in an anonymous evaluation form on the quality of the service they have received. The overwhelming majority provide positive feedback, rating the service they’ve received highly. Typical quotes are:

“I do feel a lot better in myself [and] more confident since talking to someone.”

“I am fine now thank you. I wish I had Cruse in sooner; it has taken me nearly eleven years to get back to how I should be. I found it so easy to talk; it is so important to be able to talk.”

[Cruse support was] “Pivotal to moving on with life. I feel like I can have a future again.”

“I found to my surprise, that I was seen fairly quickly. The volunteer was very sympathetic and understanding. I feel that now, six months later, I am coming to terms with the loss of my mother.”

“She [the volunteer] was fantastic, really very helpful indeed. I can smile again.”

“I feel like a weight has been lifted. I can finally sleep better at night.”

“I think the support I was given was fantastic. I would recommend Cruse to anyone.”

One man said: “the most helpful thing was being listened to without judgement, I was very apprehensive before the sessions started but (my counsellor) put me at ease from the start. His gentle probing questions and remarks made it possible for me to talk about many issues of concern. He had a wonderful knack of getting me to talk, express my feelings and made me feel comfortable with showing my feelings. The leaflet he left on his first visit was also very helpful as by reading it I was reassured that many of the feelings I had experienced were quite natural and shared by many others.” On lady who had attended a group support meeting while waiting to be allocated to her bereavement volunteer for one to one support said “I’m feeling much better and I’m meeting another lady from the group for coffee and support. I don’t need any one to one help from you now.”