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The following are just some of the comments made by people who have used our support services:

Please thank my counsellor for all the help she gave me, and for listening. Tell her I have good days and bad, but there is an improvement and I am coping.

Everything very helpful and friendly.

Very pleasant counsellor, easy to talk to, who understood how I felt.

Excellent service.

My counsellor was great and the explanation that how I was feeling was normal helped me very much.

It was helpful knowing that the listener understood and that every word was treated confidentially.

The voice of the person answering the phone was very sympathetic.

I am very grateful for every hour you gave me. There was, of course, no magic wand, but the discussions helped me enormously.

I could talk totally freely to someone who was there just for me, to try and unravel the ball of string that had become my difficulty in moving on after the death.

Excellent service. I have sign-posted others to you.

A caring attitude from the person answering the phone.

I felt that the person answering my phone call listened and I knew I would be getting a special time to talk and think about my parents.

I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks to you for all of your help and kindness at the group bereavement classes in Telford. You have helped me (as well as the others in the group) a great deal.

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