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Covid-19 update

Due to the current pandemic and ongoing social distancing, all Cruse services will be provided over the telephone, email or internet until further notice. Please contact us to find out more. 

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Shropshire Cruse Services Shropshire Cruse is a branch of the leading UK national charity, supporting all bereaved people living in Shropshire, including young people and children.

The services currently offered in Shropshire are free and include:

Shropshire Cruse is only able to accept self-referrals, as clients need to desire our help for themselves. However, we are happy to answer queries from other agencies and can provide leaflets to pass on to the relevant people. Our contact details can be found by clicking the link on the left menu.

One-to-one bereavement support

The one-to-one sessions with a volunteer give grieving people an opportunity to talk about their bereavement, to understand the grieving process and to explore ways of living more comfortably with their loss. The sessions take place in a mutually convenient location or home visits can be arranged on occasion. All bereavement support volunteers have completed the Cruse Foundation Course, giving them an understanding of bereavement and a chance to develop their counselling skills. Volunteers are also required to provide us with a Criminal Records disclosure to ensure that they are suitable candidates for the role.

Pre-bereavement support

In addition to our bereavement support services, we are able to provide pre-bereavement support for those who need help coming to terms with an expected death.

Bereavement support groups

Support groups are for clients to meet other people who have also lost someone they love and who are experiencing the same sorts of feelings and emotions as they are. The meetings provide a friendly, safe environment for clients to express their thoughts and feelings to others who understand, and this enables them eventually to come to terms with their grief. Group meetings are small (between 2 and 6 people) and are facilitated by trained bereavement support volunteers.

There is no cost for the client to attend the sessions. Details of current groups are shown below: Telford - Sessions take place on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month in the evening. Please note that the group details stated above are subject to change.

Anyone who is interested in the bereavement support groups can ring the referral line on 0845 6066 812.

Telephone support for adults

We are sometimes able to offer telephone bereavement support for adults, where sessions are not possible in person. Please find out more by contacting the referral line or email us.

Post-disaster work

National Cruse is called upon to help after major disasters, to give support to those bereaved and traumatised, either over the phone or in person. As well as helping after 9/11 and the Tsunami in 2004, they also helped following the London bombings in 2005. Shropshire Cruse also assists where people have been traumatised due to an unexpected crisis.

Our help has been beneficial to many people after accidental deaths and trauma.

Presentations for community/corporate groups

Shropshire Cruse is constantly looking for opportunities to raise awareness of our organisation and the services we offer. If you are a member of a community or corporate group and would be interested in receiving a presentation about our service at one of your meetings, please get in touch with us.

If you are interested in any of the above services, please contact us by calling 0845 6066 812 or email us at