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Laughter, Joy, Happiness, Loving Life, Fun, Security, and Closeness

These may disappear once we experience the death of a loved one. They are replaced with a sense of numbness, followed by a need to search out some kind of meaning for our loss. We are beginning our bereavement process, and each of us will experience it in our own unique way. The transition through this process can be dependant on many variables.

  • The cause of death.
  • The suddenness of the event, and the attachment we hold with the individual.
  • Our support network of family and friends, and how others may not hear us when we need them the most.
  • How we deal with issues in our lives, and the pressures we may put on ourselves when things go wrong.

These are just a few examples of what can lead to complications in grief, leading some individuals to seek out help in dealing with, and finding some meaning to, what has to be one of the most painful losses we as human beings have to endure. This is when we can be of help.

The first step is to contact our referral team. Tel:- 01756 797799. A Cruse member will listen empathically, and help you through the completion of a short referrals form in order to set up one-to-one support with a Cruse bereavement support volunteer.  You will also be informed about an approximate length of waiting time, and what will happen next.

The referral is then passed to the Allocations Officer who selects the appropriate volunteer to work with your needs. As soon as it is possible, you will receive a call from the volunteer who will introduce themselves and arrange a convenient appointment for both parties. You may just want to talk over the telephone without a meeting, and that is okay too.

You may require information on other practical aspects of bereavement, and we have many leaflets we can forward onto you. If we cannot help with an inquiry we will signpost an agency that can. Our aim is to break the stigma around grief and ensuring that everyone, no matter how old or young, can access the highest quality support following a bereavement.