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Craven and Bradford Area district of Cruse has approximately 50 volunteers helping bereaved individuals.

As well as those who work directly with bereaved individuals, we also require individual’s to fulfil other roles such as taking part in fundraising events, or promoting our work to the general public. We are committed to ongoing professional development for all our volunteers, so we can offer children and adults the best support possible.

We are planning for the future with regards to technology, as we are aware that telephone contact, text messages, Skype, and e-mails are the modern communication tools. These are a source of support that needs to be investigated, and in time will require volunteers to work with individuals who prefer this method of contact.

Whatever the future holds, volunteers are always required to assist and support bereaved individuals.

What is the reward for volunteers?

We pay your expenses for travel within the Craven and Bradford Area, but you are likely to find there is an enormous amount of satisfaction from knowing you have made a positive impact on someone's life. You can also benefit from Cruse training (which can include a nationally recognised certificate), and continue to pursue you personal and professional development.

Every hour of time given by a volunteer, helps a child or adult face the future knowing that they are not alone.

Our services: 

  • We offer free information and advice to anyone who has been affected by a death
  • We provide advice and support to bereaved people, including one to one support.
  • We offer educational support, information, and publications to those supporting bereaved people
  • We increase public awareness of our services, and of the needs of bereaved people through campaigning, fundraising and general information.

What should I do next?

You can grow and develop within Cruse. If you feel it’s for you, call the Area Coordinator on 01756 796004.