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We Need Your Support

It is very important to Cruse that we offer our service free of charge, but we rely on your help to do this.  We are lucky to have some NHS funding, but this doesn't meet all our costs. 

You can help us make up the difference by fundraising for us.



Forthcoming Event!


Vote for Cruse Bereavement Care with your green token in January, February and March.

There will be three local charities to choose from. The winner receieves £500.

Help us to continue to offer free support to bereaved people.





Donate and help us raise vital funds to support our service


Create free donations when you shop online



Please make cheques payable to 'Cruse Bereavement Care - Leeds' and post to

Cruse Bereavement Care - Leeds
6-8 York place



Sponsor someone who is fundraising for us.

We currently have someone with a fear of hights collecting sponsorship for a zip wire challenge and another person is collecting sponsorship to conquer Scarfell Pike! Get in touch with us to arrange to support them.

Libbi is aiming to collect £250 to run the York 10k and has a JustGiving account here:

And Caroline aiming to raise £1000 by participating in three running events in Yorkshire. She is calling this the White Rose Treble!





There are lots of ways you could fundraise for us. Here are just a few ideas.

  • Have a clear out of your wardrobe and take your unwanted clotes to an organisation that buys unwanted textiles. Then donate the money you raised to Cruse. Organisations that buy unwanted clothes in Leeds include
  • Have a bake sale at work. Sell individual buns, cupcakes and slices of cakes, or whole cakes. Maybe leae your baked goods in the staff kitchen with an honesty box.
  • Take one of our sponsored charity places in a fun run, half marathon or marathon. or find your own event and let us know your plans.
  • Make and sell handmade crafts. There are many craft sales from March to December. Remember to check the cost of using a table (usually £10 - £20). Let the organiser know you are raising money and maybe you can get a discount on renting your table. We have banners available for you to borrow to make your stall noticeable.
  • Save up your coppers! Those pennies are not missed on their own, but when added up over a year we can put them to good use!
  • Host a sweep stake at work - sport events, bake off winner, BGT winner etc. Simply write a list of competitors, then colleagues pay a fee to take their pick (or draw at random) the name of a competitor. At the end of the event, the colleague that picked the winner takes half the prize money and the other half comes to us at Cruse.
  • Sell homemade soup at work. There are plenty of recipes online.
  • Host apub quiz. teams pay to enter and there can be penalty fees too, such as £1to have a question repeated, £2 if your phone rings etc. The wining team takes half the money raisedn and the other half comes to Cruse. There are aps for quiz questions and websites such as
  • Have a clear out and have a car boot sale. Remember to check for a fee, (typically £6 - £12). We can loan banners to make your stall noticeable.
  • Do you work in a building open to the public? Help us to arrange a collection in your enterance for a day.
  • Join our collection volunteers - take our collection buckets out to public places to collect donations. Create a book swap shelf at work - bring in a book, swap it for another and put £1 in a collection pot.

Get in touch for a free fundraising pack!