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Supporting people from minority groups

Here at Cruse in Leeds we aim to accept and celebrate the diversity of the population of the city. We understand that people come to us for support from a wide range of backgrounds and may have experienced or feared discrimination, prejudice or rejection. This includes;

  • people from the LGBTQ+ community
  • people of an ethnic minority
  • people of all faith groups and people who are not of faith
  • people with disabilities including hidden disabilities
  • people with learning difficulties

We are motivated to provide an environment that expresses a warm welcome, emotional safety and uncompromised acceptance. We understand there are times when your identity is linked to the challenges of processing grief, and there are times when it bares little or no relevance. We aim to make no assumptions, instead we listen to you and what your individual experiences of grief are.

When people come to us for support sessions, we ask a number of questions about their identity. They do not have to answer these, but when the diversity of our clients reflects the diversity of the city, we know we have achieved approachability.

We are open to feedback and if you have any suggestions of how we can support people of minority groups in Leeds to approach us when they need support, we would love to hear them.