Testimonials | Cruse Bereavement Care

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“They really listen to what you have to say.”


"I never thought I would accept that I needed help. I kept getting through each month, one by one and all I said to myself was it was another month that had passed. It all caught up on me. When I got to Cruse I felt ashamed that I couldn't do it myself. Now I thnk back and genuinely don't know where I would be without Cruse. What an amazing team. It genuinely felt like a conversation rather than someone was just listening and nodding along vacantly. I would recommend Cruse to everyone. Thank you to all that work here! I owe you my life as you have given me the ' get up and go' that was taken from me when my mum passed!"


“It’s free, they are a specialised service and offer various ways to receive support.”


“It is a good place to go to express your needs. This has helped very much and got me through.”


"The drop-in service was accessible friendly and welcoming. All staff (volunteers) were helpful and empathic. The experience was less daunting and scary than I'd feared. I felt better for having had the chance to speak to someone and for being referred for 1:1 counselling."


“A fantastic service run by dedicated and helpful volunteers.”


“I feel they gave me the opportunity to move on.”