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Leeds Cruse welcomes feedback on our service. 

Clients are given a satisfaction form to complete after their initial assessment and again when support finishes.  You can always call us on 0113 234 4150 if you want to give your views but don’t want to write on a form.

If you leave the service early for some reason, we may contact you for your views. 

In our offices we have a suggestions box – we really want clients to use this box if they have ideas for improvements.  We also have a ‘Compliments’ book if people want to write down what (or who) has been especially helpful.

If you’re not happy about something, we also have a complaints process.  Most of the time complaints are sorted out informally by talking things through, but occasionally an issue may need to be investigated informally.  Whilst the process can sometimes be difficult, there are almost always good things that come out of a complaint, so please speak up if things aren’t right.