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We are the leading national charity providing bereavement support, advice and information to children, young people and families when someone dies. 
Last year Cruse provided vital support to over 50,000 bereaved people. We want all bereaved people to have access to the support they need. 

Our relationships with trusts and foundations make it possible for us to deliver services in 80 local communities, supported by almost 5,000 trained volunteers. 
Together, we can improve the lives of thousands more people through a range of projects and services including:

  • One to one and group support 
  • Specialist support for children and young people
  • Helpline 
  • Information and web support
  • Bereavement Support Volunteer training
  • Specialist projects and pilot programmes
  • Dementia, suicide, military, emergency services and prison support projects
  • Major incident response service

We urgently need to deliver support to those who are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The crisis will continue to be a serious impact on bereaved people. We anticipate demand for our services could rise by over 50%: 

  • The annual death rate will be higher. People will die before their time in our communities- colleagues, loved ones and friends. 
  • Bereavement rituals are being disrupted. Many will be unable to attend funerals and collectively grieve with family and friends. 
  • Friends and family have been unable to be with their loved ones, say final words, comfort and say goodbye when they have died.
  • Those social distancing and in self-isolation will experience mental health and wellbeing challenges associated with isolation and loneliness. This can trigger painful memories and feelings of loss associated with past bereavements.

As an immediate response, we ceased face-to-face support and are offering a telephone service:

  • We are mobilising and developing online training in telephone and email support for volunteers. 
  • We need to provide high quality information to those affected both in print and online. 
  • We will recruit and train more volunteers and supervisors - who are vital to our work and we must rapidly scale up support. 
  • We must also develop support digitally, through our website and online to offer a wider range of services.

 If you are considering making a gift through a trust or foundation, or to find out more about our work, please contact Morwenna Everitt: or call 07495 601152