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Have you been bereaved? Would you like to meet and help others in a similar situation for friendship and mutual support?


Following a bereavement, many people can feel lonely or isolated. Even with a network of friends, colleagues and relatives, individuals can still feel they have no one to turn to. We’re here to help. Working with the British Red Cross, Cruse Bereavement Care has established More than Words. We’re providing new opportunities for hundreds of bereaved individuals to meet with others in supportive environments and feel better connected in their local areas.

More Than Words is part of the British Red Cross Connecting Communities programme, supported by its partnership with Co-op to highlight and tackle loneliness and social isolation in the UK.


How we can help

Feelings of loneliness and isolation do not always follow bereavement(s) - there is no right or wrong way to feel. However, for many, the death of another, especially if the person was very close, can create or augment feelings of being alone. If you ever feel alone following a bereavement, More than Words can help you connect to other people nearby and enjoy the benefits of feeling more involved in your local area. Our wide-range of peer-led (member-led) activities are designed to promote inclusion and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. We do this by:

  • Supporting you to understand that you’re not alone in feeling alone. Bereavement can often increase feelings of loneliness and isolation. We’ll help you meet other people with similar experiences who might be feeling the same way
  • Providing opportunities for you to take part in a variety of local activities matched to your interests. These could include (but are not limited to) coffee & cake meet-ups, walking groups and reading clubs
  • Encouraging self-help and peer support – a service that you can turn to instead of, or as well as, other support services


How you can get involved

More Than Words is available in twelve locations across all four nations of the UK: Bedfordshire, Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield. Whether you live in one of these areas or nearby, you can get involved by:

  • Becoming a More than Words Champion – are you passionate about helping others and want to engage in a range of fun social activities? With our support, help co-run a support group in your area
  • Joining a group – meet up and take part in activities with other people with similar interests and experiences
  • Volunteering in other ways such as providing admin support to a local Cruse branch or participating in fundraising activities

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If there is not a More Than Words service near you, other support could be available. Visit the British Red Cross website to find out about other Connecting Communities programmes, or call the freephone Cruse Bereavement Care helpline on 0808 808 1677.

Cruse offers free confidential support for adults and children, and this can be by telephone, email or face-to-face.

If you would like to suggest a new location, please complete the suggestions for new location form.