Congratulations to our runners in the British London 10K | Cruse Bereavement Care

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On Sunday 15th July 2018 our largest running team to-date took on the British 10K - running through the streets of London on a blistering hot day!

Luci, our Area Support Coordinator and Fundraiser in West Sussex was one of the forty runners who took part. The four runners from West Sussex finished successfully and have raised nearly £1000 for their Area.

Luci had this to say about the event:  "It was so, so, so hot but an awesome event to be a part of and really the best way to see London with no vehicles on the road and music playing. The atmosphere was buzzing and there were 10,000 runners who took part, with 38 of those running for Cruse Bereavement Care, and four of us running for Cruse West Sussex.  

"The crowds were hugely motivating, cheering all of us on and shouting out our names with encouragement as we had them written on our race badges so all in all, a really positive vibe with so many people doing so much good. It was also great to get the chance to see the other Cruse runners too and those from Central Office; they did an amazing job in pulling the overall Cruse team together! "

You can still support our runners to meet their fundraising target at The money raised will go towards providing our vital services to bereaved people. Watch this space for more events coming up this year and next.

Images: Some of team Cruse enjoying the post-race reception (right); the Cruse West Sussex runners before and after (below)