Bel Mooney supports Cruse 30 years on | Cruse Bereavement Care

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On 8 November 1984, at London’s Albert Hall, Bel Mooney was presented with an award by the Queen, Patron of Cruse Bereavement Care, then celebrating its Silver Jubilee.

The certificate (pictured): ‘acknowledges with appreciation the special contribution made by Bel Mooney to the public understanding of bereavement and widowhood through articles published in the national press.’

Thirty years on, Bel remembers the incident in her Saturday column in the Mail: ‘As I curtseyed, Her Majesty told me: “It is very important to write about this serious subject because it affects so many people.”’

The week before, Bel used her column to help someone whose friend was recently widowed, and refers to the help Cruse can provide, in person and on our website.

Cruse Chief Executive Debbie Kerslake said: ‘We would like to thank Bel for her continued work advising and supporting bereaved people in the years since her original award. Cruse’s mission is to enhance society’s care of bereaved people, and every column and piece of advice helps us work together towards that goal.’